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Earn up to £7,500 TAX FREE per tax year by renting
out spare bedrooms in your home.

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Earn up to £7,500 TAX FREE

Did you know you can earn up to £7,500 TAX FREE per tax year1 by renting spare bedrooms in your home?

In most cases your landlord will permit you to as you live in the property yourself.

Traditionally homeowners have always looked to estate / letting agents to rent their properties out. However, over the years due to less affordable homes being built and rental prices being disproportionate to average incomes has seen a rise in people turning to flat sharing and room renting. There has been no company focussed on managing this area, and because of this fact we have seen many rouge unregulated letting agents and unethical landlords. We Find Lodgers intend to clean this up!

Within the lodger letting revolution are a handful of platforms that are nothing more than classified ads and listings. Yet they do not come without their pitfalls. One being that no checks are made to prove listings are genuine. Neither are background checks performed on a lodger. We Find Lodgers are the first room letting specialists providing an end to end solution to a national problem, managing the whole process. Offering security and protection for both landlords and lodgers which clearly set us apart.

If you are a homeowner with a spare bedroom and could use some extra money you could earn up to £7500 tax free, so register your details to join 1.7 million homeowners who did so last year.

Don’t get priced out of London

Not having a buy 2 let mortgage doesn’t mean you have to be restricted from making your property work for you.

Let We Find Lodgers take the hassle out finding your ideal lodger.

The first £5 of the registration fee is donated to homeless support charities.

1Government tax free Rent a Room allowance from 6 April 2016.






£175 per property landlord registration fee 10% of rental payments (collected monthly) Lodger deposit guard from £15 per lodging HMRC Rent a room scheme filing fee £55
All London boroughs
Yes! Under our independent lodger deposit guard scheme

Between 3 and 12 months

If you are the homeowner, leaseholder or secure tenancy holder with a spare bedroom thats all you need!

Yes! We are LLAS and NALS accredited. We are also members of the property redress scheme and ICO data protection.

In most cases NO! But we recommend checking your individual policy.

We gurantee that there are no missed payments by periodically assessing lodger afordabilty / our lodgers are given a platform to notify WFL of any changes in circumstances. This greatly reduces the likleyhood of missed paymets.

Lodgers and landlords have a 28 day notice period to terminate the agreement.

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